The PureVision HD range comprises six models, three freestanding and three inset, with stand and log store options available.

High Definition (HD) means an improved visual resolution over the previous standard PureVision achieves this by harnessing the airwash and specialised tertiary air-profiling within the burn chamber for sharply defined flames and complete combustion.

purevision pv5

PureVision PV5

Stylishly elegant with a 5kW stove with a large glass window for optimal viewing of the high definition flames.

PureVision PV5i

Clean aesthetic design that enables the stove to blend seamlessly with traditional or modern room and fireplace designs.
purevision pv5w

PureVision PV5W

A stunning panoramic 5kW wide stove that shares all the features of the PV5 with the additional benefits 0f accepting longer logs and greater fuel volumes.
purevision pv5iw

PureVision PV5iW

This stove is a larger version of the PV5i. It offers all the same attributes but gives a larger viewing window and fuel capacity, making it ideal for the larger living space.
purevision pv85

PureVision PV85

The largest in the range, this stove offers our biggest fuel volume capacity and heat output for very large rooms and those who need a lot of heat.

PureVision PV85i

Along with the PV85, this is the largest stove in the range. It looks very attractive installed in a wall or fireplace suite.