Fireline wood-burning stoves are designed and manufactured with quality in mind using the best available materials.

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Here is a small selection for you to view.

fireline fp4

Fireline FP4

Superior, large-stove performance from a petite, narrow design means that these models combine the efficiency and economy of a small stove with the enhanced performance of a much larger model.
fireline fx5

Fireline FX5

Traditional or contemporary, this new 5kw multi-fuel stove looks as harmonious in a farmhouse inglenook as they do in a newly built town house. Stoves are freestanding, with curved door and large flame picture.
fireline fx8

Fireline FX8

The FX8 stoves are big, heavyweight, freestanding designs, made from steel with a traditional cast iron door with extra-wide, ceramic glass, flame viewing window. Ideally suited to larger rooms,these stoves can pump out a really serious amount of heat.
fireline fpi5

Fireline FPi5

Create a stunning impression in your living room and enjoy the pleasure of a real wood-burning stove. Today’s stoves burn wood efficiently and cleanly, providing maximum heat and a focal point in any home.

Fireline FGi5W

Pi5W is a mid-sized 5kW rectangular inset multi-fuel stove designed to fit 20” fireplace openings to neatly offer a mid-sized firebox unit retaining a 5kW nominal rating.

Fireline FPi8

A classical yet contemporary design, the FPi8 features a truly stunning wide flame window that gives this model a superb room presence. The extra-large fire chamber accepts logs over ½ metre in length, which results in a longer burn and more efficient heating, not to mention the time saved in cutting small logs.